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The Thoracic Surgery practice will take place at the National Institute of Oncology (Országos Onkológiai Intézet) at the Thoracic Surgery Department (Mellkassebészeti Osztály). This is where the Thoracic Surgery Department of the Semmelweis University operates.

In this practice, we aim to develeope practical knowledge through interactive cases and practical routine in thoracic drainage and bronchoscopy. Students will have the opportunity to try and practice both chest drainage and bronchoscopy on special models.

The address is 1122 Budapest, Ráth György street 7-9. At the beginning of the practice, please wait on the 3. floor of Building Nr. 3 at the conference room. The approach is easiest from the Southern Railway Station (Déli Pályaudvar). The best way to come to the Institute is from the Kék Golyó Street through a barrier gate. In that case you will find the Building 3 on the left hand side. It is easily recognizable, because it is a new, modern, six floors building .Please go up to the third floor and wait patiently for your teachers at the conference room.

We kindly ask everybody to come to the practice on the date, which she/he has signed up beforehand in the Neptun system.

It will be possible to make up for missed practices on the last educational week.

In case you have any questions, please contact me directly!