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Our description applies to the 5 lecture halls and 6 seminar rooms, the auditorium and the first floor gallery in the building. You can read detailed technical data in the IT Tools menu.

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What do you know about using LED screen?

We recommend using a LED screen at events if you have active presentation material, video, streaming, etc. they want to project or there is a program event in front of the LED wall that requires some kind of content display (PPT, Kahoot, etc.). It is not advisable to use a LED screen if it wants to show only material with minimal information (program booklet content, some logo images, etc.). In these cases, it is a good idea to create content for digital displays.

There is a cost to using the LED wall.

How does the projection work?

Important: The computers in the rooms (All-In-One PC) do not have a DVD player, so we can only provide it after prior consultation!

Projection in lecture halls: The lecture halls have built-in desktops (so-called All-In-One PCs), but of course it is also possible to set up a laptop via VGA (D-sub) or HDMI connection. If your laptop has a different type of socket, make sure you have the right adapter, especially for portable Machintos machines.
There is a possibility for both audio and video transmission between the lecture halls (from the larger halls to the smaller halls and between the lecture halls with the same capacity – PICTURE). The staff of the Department of Informatics can also provide details about this.

Projection in the seminar rooms: Built-in desktops (so-called All-In-One PCs) are available in the seminar rooms, but it is possible to operate the laptop via a VGA (D-sub) or HDMI connection. A remote control can be requested at the reception for the projectors in the room, which must be returned to the reception after use. It is important that the last speaker of the day turns off the educational equipment in the room, but do not unplug it!

Projection in the lobby: With the help of our Full HD quality LED wall, this is also possible.