Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 19. October 2021
404713 Total vaccines

Capacity: 80 person

1 piece SANYO PLC-WU3001 beamer (in center)
1 piece NEC WT610 beamer (part of interactive software)
1 piece projector screen
1 piece whiteboard
1 piece chalk board

Tools at the podium:
1 piece built-in PC (Windows 7, MS Office 2010)
1 piece presenter
1 piece Wolfvision VZ8-plus2 desktop visualizer
1 piece VGA and 1 piece HDMI access for laptops

Sound system:
Microphone/microphone can be ensured only after prior consultation!
Sound for built-in PC
1 piece minijack access for laptop

Lighting: Controlled light from the podium or from distance

Internet: Built-in PC has high-speed internet connection, Wi-fi is also available

Other tools and information: Avaya IP phone at the podium, the air conditioner of the hall is adjustable individually