Capacity: 164 pax (188 sqm)
Layout: fixed, school chairs

Projected image resolution: 1920 x 1080 (16:9 aspect ratio)
1 piece EB-PU2010W beamer (in center)
2 pieces EPSON EB-L610U beamer (at the edges)
1 piece EPSON EB‑1470Ui beamer (part of interactive software)
1 piece projector screen
1 piece whiteboard
1 piece chalk board
Sizes of canvas: ~ 850 x 300 cm
(On request: 1 piece control monitor)

AV connections:
At podium: 1 pc. HDMI or VGA / 1 pc. DVI / 1 pc. 3,5 jack audio
Back of the room: 1 pc. HDMI
In lecture hall: 1 pc. SDI (Broadcast cam) / 1 pc. AUX video / 1 pc. AUX audio

Tools at the podium:
1 piece built-in PC (Windows 11, MS Office 365)
1 piece presenter
1 piece Elmo L-12G desktop visualizer
1 piece VGA and 1 piece HDMI access for laptops

Sound system (base):
1 piece Audio Technica ATW T310 microport
Sound for built-in PC
1 piece minijack access for laptop
(On request: 1 piece Audio Technica ATW T220 handheld microphone, 2 pieces Audio Technica ATW-C510 handheld microphone)

Lighting: Controlled light from the podium or from distance

Internet: Built-in PC has high-speed internet connection, Wi-fi is also available

Other tools and information: Avaya IP phone at the podium, break time indicator, the air conditioner of the hall is not adjustable individually