Tasks and Competences

  • evaluation of credits obtained at other Hungarian universities and the evaluation of the curricula of other universities,
  • developing the curriculum of the Faculty, evaluating the curriculum of new subjects and providing the Faculty Council with an opinions,
  • elaboration of pre-study requirements,
  • year repetition, or in the case of a passive semester, providing the Examination and Studies Committee with an opinion of the previous curriculum, and the pre-requisites,
  • commenting on transfers between faculties and institutions, forwarding the opinion to the Examination and Studies Committee,
  • procedure in other study-cases
  • performing other duties specified in legislation, university and faculty regulations


Contact: Dr. István Gera Professor Emeritus
Email: gera.istvan@dent.semmelweis-univ.hu

Last nameFirst
Basis of mandateType of mandateBeginning of the mandateEnd of
Mandate document
Dr. Dőri FerencFoglalkoztatott/ Employee/ Beschäftigte(r)Elnök/ Chairperson/ Vorsitzender2020-10-292020-10-28Megbízatási dokumentum/ Mandate document/ Mandatsdokument
Dr. Joób Fancsaly ÁrpádFoglalkoztatott/ Employee/ Beschäftigte(r)Tag/ Member/ Mitglied2020-10-292020-10-28Megbízatási dokumentum/ Mandate document/ Mandatsdokument
Dr. Bartha KárolyFoglalkoztatott/ Employee/ Beschäftigte(r)Tag/ Member/ Mitglied2020-10-292023-10-28Megbízatási dokumentum/ Mandate document/ Mandatsdokument

Rules of Procedure

Annual Report