Scope of tasks and powers

Quality Improvement Board is in charge of conducting management audits and proposing corrective and preventive activities.

Its members:

The Quality Improvement Board has permanent voting members and invited expert members.

Board members Position required for membership
Chair: Rector
Members: Chancellor
  General Vice-Rector
  Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs
  Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation
  Vice-Rector for Clinical Affairs
  Vice-Rector for Strategy and Development
  Vice-Rector for International Studies
  Dean of the Faculty of General Medicine
  Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry
  Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacological Sciences
  Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences
  Faculty of Faculty of Health and Public Administration
  Dean of the András Pető Faculty
  President of the Doctoral Council
  President of the Clinical Centre (if other than the Vice-Rector for Clinical Affairs)
  Director General for Medical Affairs
  Finance Director General
  Director General for Human Resources
  Director General for Technical Affairs
  Director General for Legal and Administrative Affairs
  Director for Quality Improvement
  General manager / executive director
  Director for Patient Care at the Clinical Centre
Permanent invitees: Patients’ rights representative
  Head physician for hospital hygiene
  President of the University Student Self-Government
  President of the PhD Students’ Self-Government
Expert invitees: External members and experts invited by the Rector