Scope of tasks and powers

The Semmelweis College of Professors is the Rector’s advisory board. As requested by the Rector

  • it comments on the University’s mission statement, development guidelines, strategic plans and other strategic documents and drafts of such documents,
  • It provides advice, recommendations and proposals concerning other important matters of the Senate’s responsibilities.

Its members:

Contact person: Emőke Márton


Its members:

  • ex officio, if they do not have a directorial mandate at the university and accept the Rector’s request for their participation in the SCP:

– former Rectors of the University,

– former Deans of any Faculty of the University,

– former Chairs of the Doctoral Council,

– those public service employees of the University, persons in health service relationship over the age of 60 along with persons granted the title of Professor Emeritus by the University who are regular or corresponding members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.


  • members elected on the basis of the joint proposals of the Rector and the Chair of the SCP from respected instructors and researchers with no senior or directorial position at the University, aged over 60, and the University’s Professors Emeritus, including also those who may be nominated and elected members from instructors and researchers with experience in conductor training as well as those who have been appointed university or college professors and their public service or health service legal relationship with the university or its legal predecessor was brought to an end upon their retirement.
Members of the committee      Name/title
Chairman: Dr. Ágoston Szél   university professor, Rector Emeritus