Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 07. August 2022
535278 Total vaccines

This year, for the very first time, under the auspices of the Semmelweis International Students Conference, the Semmelweis Students’ Scientific Association also organizes the János Kabay Pharmaceutical Practical Team Competition.

For this competition, application of small teams of three to five students is welcomed. Members of the teams applying for this contest should be students, and registered participants of the Semmelweis International Students Conference. Furthermore, they should be a registered member of the Students’ Scientific Association of either Semmelweis University or one of the invited guest universities of the conference. In this competition practical problems, related to various fields of pharmaceutical science, will have to be elaborated. The topics may cover organic- and pharmaceutical chemistry or analysis, pharmaceutical technology, pharmacology, pharmacognosy and pharmaceutical administration. In order to successfully compete in this contest, it is recommended, forming groups by students skilled in different fields of pharmaceutical science.

Deadline for applications for this contest is the same as for the abstract submission deadline for the conference. Applications should be sent by teams to the e-mail address, including the names, educational institutions and places of student scientific research of the team members. Individual application of team members is discouraged. Looking forward for a great competition!