Date of the conference

2024. February 7-9.

  • the student is a registered member of the Students’ Scientific Association at Semmelweis University; reported by the TDK coordinator of the institute/department
  • a presentation can not have more than two authors and two supervisors
  • a student can be the second author to only one presentation
  • a student can be the first author of only one presentation from a certain institute. If the student performs TDK work at two different institutes, they can be first author of a maximum of 2 presentations.
  • if qualified for the national round (OTDK), the order of the authors can not be changed, and one student can only apply with one presentation as first author for the OTDK
  • people enrolled in Ph.D studies can not be authors of a presentation. This rule does not apply to students enrolled in MD-PhD programmes, who are still undergraduates.
  • only those are allowed to present at the conference, who have taken the “TDK munka” course for the semester


The language of the conference

  • Hungarian
  • English

Complete english-speaking sections can be organized in the case of sufficient number of announced presentations.

The length of presentations is 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of discussion.


Abstract requirements:

  • needs to include applied methods and details of numerical results, up to 2400 characters (including spaces)
  • abstract contains: Introduction, Aim, Methods, Results, Conclusions sections, clearly indicated
  • case reports will not be accepted
  • abstracts also submitted in previous years (with the same content) will not be accepted
  • during presentations, projectors can be used to display slides

Submitted abstracts undergo a preliminary review process by a professional board led by the president of the Students’ Scientific Association Council. Authors, whose submitted abstract is not accepted will be informed about the decision.


Information about classified abstracts:

  • based on the advice of the Innovation Directorate of Semmelweis University, students can initiate the classification of their abstracts, if it involves intellectual property with patent-potential
  • upon checking all submitted abstracts, the Innovation Directorate may also recommend the classification of individual abstracts that authors are not obliged to accept
  • classified abstracts will not be presented in the conference program (Orvosképzés journal), or they will appear in a modified form
  • sections at the conference are open to all audience, however in sections containing classified abstracts, members of the audience are asked to sign a privacy form, and any form of recording is prohibited


Submission of classified abstracts to the National Students’ Scientific Conference (OTDK) is not possible.