TDK work can be rewarded with 1-5 creditpoints at the Semmelweis University

TDK work (1 credit)  can be awarded for regular and active scientific work, which decision is courtesy of the head of department, considering the opinion of the supervisor.

More credit points can be awarded:

„TDK Konferencia III.” (2 credits) are given to a student, for participation at the Annual TDK Conference or submit the Rectorial Competition.

„TDK Konferencia I-II.” (3 credits) can be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize at the Annual TDK Conference or 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize or praised at the Rectorial Competition, for participation at the OTDK Conference,

„OTDK Konferencia és publikáció (4 credits) are given for 1-3rd prizes at the OTDK Conference, or for publishing as a first author in an international journal with impact factor.

The extra creditpoints can only be asked for in the semester, when the achievement was done.