Scoring aspects of presentations:

A presentation can receive a maximum of 25 points
  • The submitted abstract: 5 points
  • Content of the oral presentation: 10 points
  • Presenting and discussing abilities of the presenter: 10 points


Presentation abstract (0-5 point)

The submitted abstract meets the formal requirements, it is written using correct and professional language, contains all essential information that is presented. Its style suits that of the scientific field.


Content of the presentation (0-10 points)

The topic is actual, deals with important questions of the field, with possible significance in practical healing, or unveiling patomechanism of pathologies. Presentation of the results is detached and straightforward, the latest literature data is covered in the discussion, obtained methods are appropriate and state of the art. The images shown are in accordance with the oral part, they are supporting the presentation objectively and demonstratively; images are easy to understand, do not need clarification. Statistical methods are correct and appropriate, and they fully underpin the presenter’s statements.


Presentation and discussion skills, style (0-10 points)

Fluent and easy to understand presentation, bolted language. The presenter is able to answer questions adequately, they use the questions to demonstrate their knowledge of the scientific literature, to show their competence in the experimental part and prove their role in the presented work. Active participation during the whole section is to be taken into consideration. Self introduction is recommended to ease the job of the jury.