General information for SH applicants:

Further information about SH in the Doctoral School:

PhD studies in the Doctoral School can be started only having MSc degree

•the list of PhD topics and PhD supervisors is available:
•SH applicants may contact the PhD supervisors of the Doctoral School directly•if a supervisor supports the applicant’s research plan, a conditional acceptance letter can be sent to the applicant (due to the  SH regulation SH applicants can participate in the entrance process with a conditional acceptance letter)
•the supporting letter does not mean the admission to the Doctoral School
•SH Record of the Doctoral School is available: of the Doctoral School and it has to be uploaded in Dream Apply
•the admission process follows the revision of the uploaded documents
•in the admission process the applicant has to fill in the online test and take part in the Skype /video interview organised by the School
•the online test and the entrance interviews are between 18 March and 30 April
•no information can be given about the awarded stipendium by the Doctoral School until the final decision of Tempus Foundation.
•since the university accommodation is limited, the Doctoral School may not be able to offer the SH students places in the university student hostels