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New deadline of application for 2022/23/1 semester is  20. May 2022

Semmelweis University School of Ph.D. Studies offers two conventional programs for obtaining a Ph.D. degree:

  • Regular (“Trained”) Program
    • recommended for students with no or moderate scientific experience
    • duration: 5-8 semesters (4 semesters for training and research, 1-4 semesters for research and preparing the diploma work)
  • Advanced (“Untrained”) Program
    • recommended for students with significant scientific experience and achievements
    • duration: 1-4 semesters for research and preparing the dissertation

Application to the Untrained program involves  an entrance interview and the complex exam.

Admission requirements and process for training program:

  • Doctoral applicants must be university graduates (MSc or MA degree) or students registered for their final semester of university studies.
  • Applicants for the English-Language program must have a good command of English, which is assessed at the entrance interviews
  • When applying to the program, applicants are required to state the specific training program and research topic they wish to pursue within one of the University’s  doctoral schools.
  • All the doctoral programs and the open  topics led by active supervisors of the School of PhD Studies are available:
  • The admission procedure is based on evaluating the candidate’s general and topic-related knowledge as well as personal ability, academic competence and previous scientific activity and contribution.

Forms of Financing

  • State Grant (available only for EU citizens) 
    • fellowship of 140.000 HUF/month during training and 180.000 HUF/month thereafter
    • but not entitled to TAJ card in Hungary
  • Self-financed


  • Registration fee for the application: 9.000 HUF
  • Tuition fee for international self-financed students : 8.000 EUR/semester
  • Discounted tuition fee for Semmelweis University international graduates: 4.000 EUR/semester
  • Untrained candidates: 97500 HUF/semester

The  interviews are organized in June  by the scientific doctoral schools. 
Information via email  about the result of the entrance exam is expected till 31 July

Documents of  application for the Regular (trained ) program

  1. Application for entry to doctoral studies (download)
  2. Record of the PhD entrance exam (download)

Documents  of application for the Advanced (untrained)  program

  1. Application for entry to untrained  program (download)
  2. Record of the PhD entrance exam for untrained program (download)

Application for doctoral programs at Semmelweis University  is exclusively  online, therefore  printed and signed application package is not supposed to be sent to the Doctoral Office by post.

In case of application to Translational Medicine Program in every Doctoral School the application is supposed to be uploaded .

Those applications which are not to Translational Medicine Program,  are supposed to be sent in  one .zip file entitled by the applicant name. (within the .zip file every file is supposed to be entitled with a relevant title)

Email addresses of the doctoral schools where to sent the application
(only not TMP applicants have to send via email):