Doctoral Divisions (after 01. 09. 2023.)

The doctoral programs continued  in the 11 Divisions of the unified Semmelweis University Doctoral School from 1st September 2023.

  • Cardiovascular Medicine and Research Division
  • Theoretical and Translational Medicine Division
  • Dental Research Division
  • Surgical Medicine Division
  • Rácz Károly Conservative Medicine Division
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences and Health Technologies Division
  • Mental Health Sciences Division
  • Health Sciences Division
  • Szentágothai János Neurosciences Division
  • Molecular Medicine Division
  • Patological and Oncological Division

Information about the programs of the divisions available:



Doctoral Schools (before 31. 08. 2023.)

On 31st. 08. 2023. the previously  accredited Doctoral Schools finished  their training.