• Getting  a permanent  student card:
    -You have to go to one of the Registration Offices (in Hungarian: Okmányiroda).
    For example:  Budapest XIII. kerületi Okmányiroda: Budapest, Váci út 9. 1134
  • You have to get  a picture of  yourself. When you go into the office, you have to say you need a picture for  your student card (in Hungarian – Diákigazolvány) After the      picture is taken, you will get a paper with datas.
    In the top right corner of the paper there  will be your NEK identification numbers.
    When you order  the student card  in Neptun, this NEK number  has to be typed into the Neptun.
    Entering  Neptun pleas choose from the menu –  Administration – Student Card request – Add New- and fill every data necessary. BE SURE that datas match on the NEK    paper and on the Neptun system letter by letter. Your name, your mothers ‘s name etc.
  • For the successful request, every student must have a valid Hungarian Temporary (Tartózkodási)  or permanent (Állandó) address.
    Home country address is not appropriate.
    Please  do not write a foreign country  address here.
  • The address in  the Neptun system and at the Registration Office  (Okmányiroda) must be the same  letter by letter. According to the Address Card, the address  has to be   written at the appropriate datafield –Tartózkodási or Állandó!!
  • When your student card is completed, we are  sending a notification message directly to the mailbox of your Neptun system thereafter you can come here to pick up the     card .
  • It  must be validated at the beginning of every semester  by a new stamp (or sticker), which you can get in the Doctoral office.
  • The permanent card might arrive only after 2-3 months waiting, so come to the Doctoral Office during our opening hours to get  your  Temporary student  card as soon as   possible.