Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 07. August 2022
535278 Total vaccines
Zoltán Benyó Dr.
Phone:+36 1  459 1500/60300
József Tímár Dr.
Vice President
Phone: +36 20 825 9685
Éva Szökő Dr.
President  of the Educational and Credit Board
Phone:+36 30 329 6621
  Péter Ferdinandy Dr.
President of the Scientific Board
Phone:+36 1 459 1500/55351
  Gabriella  Dörnyei Dr. Bednárikné
President of the Quality Controll and Evaluation Board
Phone: +36 1 486 4941

Zoltán Jakus Dr.

delegate of the Doctoral Students’ Union


Dániel Imre Szőke Dr.
President of the Doctoral Students’ Union

Representatives of the Faculties
Heads of the Departmental (Scientific) Doctoral Schools

Doctoral School of Theoretical and Translational Medicine

Miklós Kellermayer Dr.

Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine

György Reusz Dr.

Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Romána Zelkó Dr.

Doctoral School of Mental Health Sciences

György Bagdy Dr.

János Szentágothai Doctoral School of Neurosciences

Dániel Bereczki Dr.

Doctoral School of Molecular Medicine

Erzsébet Ligeti  Dr.

Doctoral School of Pathological Sciences

András Matolcsy Dr.

Doctoral School of Health Sciences
Zoltán Zsolt Nagy Dr.

Representatives of  other  Universities’ Doctoral Schools
Péter Tamás Sótonyi Dr.
Péter Szolgay Dr.Former  heads of the doctoral schools:
Béla Noszál Dr.
József Mandl Dr.
Ilona Kovalszky Dr.
Tivadar Tulassay Dr.