Complex Exam

Participants of the MD/PhD Excellence Program are obliged to take a complex comprehensive exam by the end of the 4th active semester. The students can only enter the second part of the study programme upon the successful completion of the complex exam.

The exam has two parts:

  • The practical part (students have to give a 8-10 minutes long presentation in front of the examination board).
  • The theoretical part (1 main subject, 1 additional subject) Recommendation for the subjects of the complex exam and for the members of the professional board of the theoretical exam form is filled in by the Doctoral Schools not by the students.

The spring semester complex exam period depending on the Schools and the programs is in June, August or September. The autumn semester exam period is in February and March.

The Scientific Doctoral Schools send information about the main and additional subjects plus about the date and venue of the exam.

Application form for complex exam is available:

Publication and Credit Requirements

Students of the MD/PhD Excellence Program have to publish at least two scientific papers whose cumulated impact factor (IF) should be equal or exceed 150% of IF requirements of trained PhD students in the given discipline. For further information please refer to “The fulfilment of PhD degree acquisition requirements of trained PhD students”:

The 2/3 of IF requirements (100%) has to be fulfilled with at least two original papers related to the topic of the dissertation. The Student has to have at least one “first-author” paper published in a Journal whose IF reaches 50% of requirements. Another 1/3 of IF requirements (50%) should be fulfilled with scientific publications which might not relate to the topic of the dissertation and the order of authors is arbitrary.

Students have to earn 16 credits in the first four semesters prior to the complex exam.

After the complex exam there are no further educational requirements.

Dissertation must be presented within three years after passing the complex exam.

In case of further questions, please contact the Doctoral Office.