EUniWell aims to provide researchers, educators, and staff with the skills and motivation to create research- and challenge-based educational programmes that deliver critical thinking, intercultural competence, entrepreneurial mind-sets and civic responsibility.

The alliance will promote staff mobility in academic research, teaching, and administration to boost the co-creation process of EUniWell as a comprehensive European University through a range of mobility measures such as consultations, webinars, flipped conferences, intensive weeks, feedback digital tools, exchange of researchers and staff, or blended teaching formats.

FOUR core Research Arenas

  • Well-Being and Health
  • Individual and Social Well-Being
  • Environment, Urbanity and Well-Being
  • Teacher Education

These research arenas will be linked with coaching and training programmes in innovative and sustainable teaching skills, raising the awareness of the importance of the research-education nexus at EUniWell.