EUniWell for Students

Europe’s next generation, students are at the core of EUniWell and are involved in all its aspects including governance. They play a key role in the alliance and are closely involved in the creation and development of challenge-based curricula and a transformative student experience that translates knowledge into societal impact.

EUniWell offers students the opportunity to

  • participate in joint programmes of universities in seven different countries;
  • experience challenge-based learning and work in interdisciplinary teams
  • tackle some of the biggest issues facing Europe today;
  • participate in designing joint study programmes that will unite students;
  • benefit from learning opportunities established to deliver a seamless EUniWell multi-campus experience, participate in EUniWell events, such as hackathons and international conferences;
  • experience all seven EUniWell campuses, their cities and regions through travel as well as virtual mobility options

This way, you will be able to gain unique insights into different European education systems. Collaborating with other students across Europe also provides valuable connections as well as opportunities to develop diplomacy skills and gain international experience.

If you would like to become part of the EUniWell community, get in touch with the EUniWell team members of your university.


EUniWell Team at Semmelweis University

Student Officer:

Pana Djamtorki