Semmelweis University’s Directorate of International Relations aims to explore and establish new collaborative ties around the world to contribute to the fulfillment of the University’s mission in education, research and patient care.

One important means of achieving this goal is the effective operation and expansion of our student, teacher and researcher mobility programs. It is equally important to ensure that our researchers are integral part of the global knowledge market, which can only be achieved through international cooperation. Our Directorate contributes to these objectives both in strategic and practical terms.

Tasks and activities of the Directorate

  • Contributes to the development of the University’s international strategy;

  • Provides an overview of the University’s international portfolio;

  • Coordinates the tasks related to the University’s agreements with its international partners;

  • Coordinates the tasks related to the European Union’s mobility programs (Erasmus+ ICM, CEEPUS, Campus Mundi);

  • Performs tasks related to the University’s memberships in professional international organizations;

  • Arranges the official trips abroad for the University’s leaders;

  • Organizes the programs of foreign delegations visiting the University;

  • Contributes to the international visibility and promotion of the University,

  • Manages the multilingual websites of the Directorate of International Relations and the Mobility Office