The International Mobility Office is the sub-unit of the Directorate of International Relations. In addition to the Erasmus+ mobility program funded by the European Union and the Pannónia Scholarship Program funded by the Hungarian Government, the Office coordinates many other mobility programs available to Semmelweis University’s students and staff.

The Erasmus+ mobility program has been one of the most popular mobility programs, offering opportunities for University citizens to participate in exchanges and internships in partner institutions in Europe or even outside Europe. The exchange programs, which have been running at full capacity for many years, provide opportunities for international experience not only for students but also for faculty and staff, making cross-border teaching and learning an integral part of the University.

Starting from June 1, 2024, the Pannónia Scholarship Programme offers short-term mobility as well as long-term mobility opportunities to the students, teachers and employees of the university in order to study, do research, teach or do a traineeship abroad with the help of programme support. The opportunities are offered within and outside of Europe, almost in every country.


In addition to the Erasmus+ and Pannónia mobility programme, the International Mobility Office coordinates the following mobility programmes:


The Directorate of International Relations supervises and coordinates Semmelweis University’s bilateral relationships, which enable the most talented students and researchers to pursue internships or additional studies at partner institutions abroad.

Thanks to its extensive and well-functioning cooperative relationships, Semmelweis University’s researchers, academic staff and students have the opportunity to apply for fellowship programs in several countries, both within and outside Europe, including Germany, Japan, Canada and the USA. 

These agreements also enable international students and lecturers to spend their internship at an institute or clinic of Semmelweis University.