At Semmelweis University, we are dedicated to advancing global health through international partnerships, mobility,  and academic programs. With a highly motivated professional team, the Directorate of International Relations plays a pivotal role in implementing our university’s internationalization strategy by coordinating international mobility, cultivating and nurturing longstanding international partnerships, establishing new ones, and actively contributing to the realization of international projects and training programs.

As part of this activity, we aim to cultivate a robust network of global academic and scientific connections that not only advance our university’s mission and goals but also yield significant impact at regional and global levels. Our extensive network, comprising over 200 partnerships, underscores our commitment to establish cross-border collaboration and promoting quality projects. This network serves as fertile ground for implementing truly collaborative programs aimed at addressing global challenges in healthcare and beyond.

With a legacy spanning over 255 years, Semmelweis University stands as a pillar of excellence in global academia, shouldering significant social, academic, and scientific responsibility. Despite facing unprecedented challenges such as the pandemic, geopolitical tensions, and conflicts, our university remains actively engaged as an outstanding leader in education, research, innovation, and patient care. As a university, we are not just a centre of knowledge but also an essential pillar of society, especially during challenging times. We recognize our responsibility to catalyze positive change, offering a secure foundation for our students, researchers, and healthcare professionals alike.

The diversity and international character of Semmelweis University are shown in our longstanding international programs, students from more than 100 countries, extensive alumni network, and remarkable scientific achievements attained through international collaboration. Throughout our university’s history, our international alumni have always shared the knowledge and expertise gained here, contributing to their respective professions worldwide and expanding the network of professionals as ambassadors of Semmelweis University.

At Semmelweis University, we provide a diverse range of opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and expertise in education, research, and patient care. Whether through full-time programs, tailored short courses, or intensive theoretical and practical training sessions, our offerings are designed to meet the needs of students and professionals alike. Semmelweis University’s dedication to excellence is underscored by our prestigious standing among the top 1% of higher education institutions globally.

We extend a heartfelt welcome to those who share our unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare and enriching lives worldwide. Here at Semmelweis, innovation, collaboration, and a pursuit of excellence converge to pave the way for the future of global health.

Dr. Marcel Pop