The main focus areas of academic research activities carried out by members of the Institute of Mental Health are the mental health of individuals, families, communities and societies and issues related to the practical work of helping professionals.

Research is centred on the following thematic priorities:

1. Individual development and ageing

2. Families and close relationships

3. Communities and social movements

4. Platforms and methods of empowerment and resilience

5. Religion and spirituality

All priority areas share the following features:

  • research on the various (individual, family, community and societal) levels  and components of mental health,
  • interdisciplinary approaches to mental health and the integration of several research fields,
  • methodological diversity.

Research also includes interdisciplinary projects and projects aimed at developing model programmes.

Current research projects within the priority areas can be followed in the introduction pages of the staff, and in the 2024 Research summary document in English. The most important publications of the Institute can be followed here.