In the emergency situation caused by the novel coronavirus Semmelweis University is making every effort to provide appropriate working conditions for its employees and to ensure that patients treated at the university’s hospitals feel safe. These efforts are supported by incoming donations that we post on this constantly updated page as a way of saying thanks.

Our work at the university, consisting of patient care, research, education and administrative activities supporting them can be aided via three foundations. Donations to any university department may be made via the following foundations:

The Budapest Operetta Theatre donated a thousand masks with unique patterns to the 1st Department of Paediatrics

The staff of the Budapest Operetta Theatre made masks mainly from textiles that were left over from making costumes. Half of the donation will be given to sick children and the other half to the staff of the 1st Department of Paediatrics.

A lifesaving neonatal transport incubator was donated to Semmelweis University’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology by the Mészáros Group

L’Oréal Hungary offered 1,000 gift packages containing beauty products to the nurses working at Semmelweis University on the occasion of International Nurses Day.

Auchan Magyarország Zrt. supports the nationwide representative screening project with posters. The posters drawing the attention to the importance of the COVID-19 screening tests performed by the Hungarian medical universities will be displayed in the Auchan supermarkets all over Hungary this week. Auchan Magyarország Zrt. pays for the production and the installation of the posters as well.

The Kolping Association of Pestszenterzsébet donated HUF 1,000,000 to the Semmelweis Foundation to support coronavirus related research.

Hungarian medical universities receive support in the nationwide screenings
On behalf of all four Hungarian medical universities we would like to thank the Water Rescue Services of Hungary, the Petz Aladár Teaching Hospital in Győr and the Bajcsy Zsilinszky Hospital and Clinic in Budapest for their voluntary help and support. The institutions volunteered to join the nationwide screening programme, announced on 28th April by the four Hungarian medical universities, which aims to draw an accurate picture of the actual number of infected and re-infected people. Based on the results, an epidemiological study is going to be prepared on the actual number of virus infections in Hungary, how many people have got infected so far, who may have become immune against the virus and how many may be asymptomatic carriers of the virus.

MOL Hungary donates respiratory support machines to Semmelweis University
Five breathing support machines worth approximately 19 million forints have been donated to Semmelweis University’s Városmajor Heart and Vascular Centre by MOL as a contribution to the healing work during the epidemic. The machines will remain at the Centre after the emergency situation has been revoked and will be used in the specialized training of doctors and healthcare workers.

Axol Pharma Zrt. supported the paediatric diabetes department of the 1st Department of Paediatrics of Semmelweis University with HUF 500,000.

Market Építő Zrt. donated 6 smart hospital beds to Semmelweis University’s Department of Pulmonology. The beds were installed immediately into patient care after the necessary disinfection.

Jungheinrich Hungária Kft. offered a high-performance electric forklift to the Central Warehouse of Semmelweis University

Med-En Trade Kft. offered the use of 2 GE portable ultrasound devices for the Department of Medical Imaging for an indefinite period of time.

BELUX Csoport Kft. have offered 10 Globalspeech Hungarian-language radiological speech recognition licenses and eRAD 8 radiological test results software to all radiologists of Semmelweis University for distance test assessment from March 2020 for a period of 2 years.

Courtesy of the Central South University and Fudan University 16,000masks of different types and 200 protective suits were delivered. China’s Cecz company supports the protective measures with 10,000 sampling devices and Hangzhou International Exchange & Service Center has contributed to the safety of the university’s healthcare workers by donating 100 protective suits and 2,500 surgical masks.

OTT-ONE Nyrt. has donated thousands of high quality, masks certified in European to the Hungarian medical universities, including Semmelweis University. 

T-Systems Magyarország donated laptops to the 2nd Department of Paediatrics to support the online education of inpatient children.

BDPST Group sponsors Semmelweis University’s acquisition of a thousand respiratory masks

In response to the current epidemic BDPST Group, a real estate development company provided immediate financial support to the 1st Department of Paediatrics, which was used to purchase 1,000 respiratory masks (FFP2). The masks were distributed among the health care units of the university, which provided protection for the healthcare workers for some days.

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Katinka Hosszú donates HUF 1.5 million for coronavirus-related reseazrch

Katinka Hosszú three-time Olympic, nine-time world and 14-time European champion swimmer, has made a donation of HUF 1.5 million to the Semmelweis University Foundation, which will be used to fund research related to the coronavirus.

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The A Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology  received 1 million HUF donation from the  Dermart Dermatology Clinic.

Dahua Technology Hungary Kft. donated a thermal camera-aided body temperature measurement and control system to the Department of Emergency Care.

10 million HUF was donated to the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care by Areus Infokommunikációs Zrt. for the acquisition of a ventilator.

Showtime special edition on hand washing offered by Kolibri Pictures

In the special edition of Semmelweis University’s animated series, we show you the steps of washing your hands properly, because we know it since Ignác Semmelweis that washing your hands is one of the best ways to prevent infections. The special edition was made possible by Kolibri Pictures and Armand Kautzky, as the voice of Ignác Semmelweis.

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Many of the university’s hospitals receive regularly or occasionally meals or snacks from the following restaurants and companies:

  • Tommy di Napoli Pizzéria
  • Food Universum Kft.
  • Oinos Wine Bar & Bistro
  • Leroy Bistro
  • Öltönyök Háza
  • Artisan Pékség
  • Cserpes Sajtműhely
  • VIWA vitamin water
  • activé FiberShake
  • Kávéáruhá
  • Artizán Pékség
  • Coca-Cola Magyarország
  • Eurest
  • Cocó7 Csokoládé
  • Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy Association
  • Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation
  • Fans of Kispest and Zoltán Kriski 
  • Viblance Kft.
  • Multi-Cikória Kft.
  • AlbaDeli
  • Vászolyi Sajt Manufaktúra
  • Molnár László – Molnár’s Kürtőskalács
  • Pöttyös
  • M.L. Energy Kft.
  • Nestlé Hungary
  • Hallja kend? – Sándor Babusa 
  • Waberer’s International Nyrt.
  • Alessio Kávézó és Étterem
  • Turbó Diéta
  • WayCup Budapest Café
  • Kednde Gastro Zrt.
  • The Office of Self Instructor Groups of Budapest Corvinus University
  • Farm Tojás Kft. 
  • Lindt&Sprüngli

Smaller devices, cosmetic products and chemical goods have been donated by the following companies and individuals:

  • Eucerin (hand cream samples)
  • Philips Magyarország Kft. (2 coffee machineskávéfőző)
  • Dr. Cecília Szilas (2 packs of facial masks)
  • Innoveng Kft. (disinfectants)
  • Richter Gedeon Nyrt. (masks and rubber gloves)
  • Mölnlycke Health Care Kft. (masks and rubber gloves)
  • Janssen-Cilag Kft. (masks and rubber gloves)
  • Instruktor Öntevékeny Csoport (2 refridgerators)
  • Mirawind Kft. (150 name tags)
  • Pólónagyker (150 T-shirts)
  • 3D printing against coronavirus (masks)
  • NAOS Hungary Zrt. (Bioderma products)
  • La Roche
  • Yves Rocher Hungary Kft. (400 db kézkrém, 300 db kézmosó gél, 40 db tusfürdő)
  • TAKBIKE biciklis üzlet (70 db FFP maszk)
  • Posay (creams)
  • Márta Molnár, Beauty Partner Kft. (hand cream)
  • Social Point Foundation (two microwave ovens, a coffee machine and a printer)
  • Ágnes Pigniczky and Gabriella Mihályi (plastic foil)
  • Yves Rocher Hungary Kft. (400 hand creams, 300 hand washing gels, 40 shower gels)
  • ECLECTICK, Edina Gyovai-Farkas and the Meerkat Foundation for Children with Diabetes (100 face mask)
  • Bioderma (Bioderma products)
  • L’Oreál Hungary Kft. (CeraVe shower gels and body lotions)
  • iHair Kft. (500 face masks for children)
  • Enikő Fisher (500 masks)
  • HOLD Alapkezelő (300 special masks)
  • Biotest Hungaria Kft. (200 special masks)
  • Blaskó Zsuzsa (large amount of Sudocrem)
  • Varga Balázs (several packs of laminating sheets)
  • Waberer’s-Szemerey Logisztika Kft. (9 pallets of detergent)
  • Ágnes Benedict (office supplies)
  • Waberer’s International Nyrt. (2 pallets of detergent)
  • Budapest Chapter of the Hungarian Chamber of Health Professionals (1500 FFP2 masks)
  • TAKBIKE bike shop (70 FFP masks)
  • iHair Kft. (10 UVC disinfection appliance)
  • Miller’s 3D (10 pieces of 3D printed mask straps)
  • Budapest Chapter of the Hungarian Chamber of Health Professionals (1500 FFP2 masks)
  • Denkstatt Hungary Kft
  • Group of mommies from Budaörs
  • Hungarian Hospital Association (salt pipes, razors)
  • Biomed Kft. (comfrey and marigold cream)

The following individuals supported Semmelweis University with volunteering:

  • Sándor Zsolt Nagy (informatics and editing jobs)
  • László Bóna (helping with graphics)
  • Semmelweis University’s Students’ Union delivered donations to the university’s clinics in collaboration with the Alumni and EFOTT
  • László Frauenhoffer (infographical editing)

Other donations were offered to our hospitals by the following individuals:

    • Zsolt Benedek (one flat)
    • Erik Temesvári  (five guest rooms)
    • Péter Dovák (two flats)
    • Orsolya Huszár (two flats)
    • Paulina Pomlényi
    • Zsanett Szabó and Zsolt Benedek (one flat)
    • Francesco Annunziata (three flats)
    • Panni Lutter  (one flat)
    •  Lajos Szabó– Kőröshegyi Levendulás
    • Ádám Pintér (two flats)
    • Andrea Mátrai (one flat)
    • a father donated 6 liters of disinfectant, a box of masks and a box of rubber gloves to the Diabetes Department of the 1st Department of Paediatrics, and he also helped to to get lunc menus for the staff of the department from the Faház Önkiszolgáló Étterem