The Department of Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics is actively working with Ph.D. students. Below the potential topics and supervisors are mentioned. Please inspect the website of the Ph.D. school (
Supervisor Description
Prof. Dr. János Vág
Significance and mapping of individual characteristics in the oral cavity using modern digital methods
Prof. Dr. János Vág
Regeneration of tissues of the oral complex: dental pulp, periodontium and salivary gland)
Dr. Zsolt Lohinai
Experimental and clinical research in the physiology and pathology of the oral cavity
Dr. Beáta Kerémi
Chlorine dioxide and halitosis 
Dr. Anna Herczegh 
Microbiological research in the oral cavity

Dr. Réka Fazekas

Microcirculation of the oral mucosa under physiological and pathological conditions and after oral surgery