Dear Students, 

We kindly inform you that the handouts of the lectures are only guidelines for studying; the content of the official textbooks is also necessary to pass the midterms and exams!


Required textbooks: 
Conservative Dentistry:
Sturdevant’s Art and Science of Operative Dentistry 
(edited by H. Heymann , Swift Jr. and Ritter Mosby)

Endodontics Principles and Practice

(edited by: Mahmoud Torabinejad, Richard E. Walton)



Week   Title Lecturer
1 Evidence based dentistry E. Szabó
2 Microscope in Endodontics P. Komora
3 Special cavitiy preparations S. Mikó

Core build-up

D. Jelencsics
5 Preparation and cementation of esthetic inlays/onlays E. Szabó

Chairside CAD/CAM technology. Materials and cementation.

Zs. Nagy

Aesthetics in dentistry: bleaching of discoloured teeth

Zs. Lohinai
8 Thesis defence  
9 Indications and preapartions for veneers Zs. Döbrentey

Conservative access cavity

E. Molnár
11 Difficulties during root canal treatments  J. Vág
12 Endo-perio lesions J. Vág

Endodontic emergencies.

Zs. Lohinai
14 Interactive endodontic diagnostic and treatment plan. Removal of broken instruments P. Komora