Lecturer and tutor: Dr. Károly Bartha associate professor

email: bartha.karoly@dent.semmelweis-univ.hu



  • Lectures – 2 hours weekly Thursdays 8:00-9:30 AM, in Árkövy lecture hall
  • Practices – 2 hours weekly in turn seminars (theory)
    • Seminars: Friday 12:00-13:30 PM, in Balogh and Varga rooms (I. floor)
    • or practices: Friday for groups 1-3, 7-9: 8:00-9:30AM, Friday for groups 4-6: 10-12 10:00-11:30AM
  • three students for one chair
  • Timetable on the clinical homepage – password!

Conditions of signature

  • Absences from practices/seminars– max 25%
  • attendance list will be taken every time
    Manipulating the catalog means disciplinary procedure
  • no opportunity for retake!
  • being late: no more than 10 minutes /practices or seminars
  • more than 10 minutes = 1 absence
  • three times being late = 1 absence
  • Practical mark (given by  practice instructor)

Components of the practical mark

   a) quality of practical work, activity and level of knowledge  – evaluated by practice instructor

   b) the students have to be prepared from the topic of the practice, which was the topic of the seminar. This knowledge will be controlled with small tests (5 questions, using the mobile phone). Every mark 1 means one plus question, every mark 2 means 0.5, every mark 3 means 0.2 on the exam. The sum of these points will be rounded (>0.5 = 1). 

   c) practical sheet is OK (signed and collected by teachers on the last practice)

   d) absences (less than 25%  from practices/seminars)


Semifinal exam

  • Topic: Lectures, Seminars and Textbook(s)
  • Questions are on the homepage
  • Two groups (A and B)
  • On the exam one question will be received from both group, plus further questions, according to point received for the tests.
  • If the performance of any exam question is unsatisfactory, the exam will be terminated.  
  • It is not possible to increase the number of exam spots
  • Place: OC, 7th floor, room No. 731 or No. 743


Week Title Date  Lecturer
1. Important Informations. Preventive dentistry – introduction 8-Sep K. Bartha
Dental caries, Etiology of caries. Dental plaque
2.  Caries Epidemiology. Caries indices. Risk factors 15-Sep E. Molnár
Caries incipient and remineralisation. Cariesdiagnostics
3. The Role of diet in the caries prevention 22-Sep E. Molnár
Cervical sensitivity, dentinal hypersensitivity and erosion
4. Fluorides in the cariesprevention 29-Sep K. Bartha
Toxicology of fluorides
5. Oral hygiene – Toothpaste 6-Oct E. Molnár
Oral hygiene – Toothbrush
6. Prevention in pregnancy and from the intrauterine life to the age of three 13-Oct F. Németh
Dental treatment and prevention in case of elderly patients
7. Gingivitis and periodontal disease. Epidemiological characteristics. Pathogenesis and diagnosis 20-Oct I. Gera
Strategy for prevention of periodontal diseases  P. Nagy
8. Integrated preventive dentistry – prosthodontics 27-Oct B. Szántai
Integrated preventive dentistry – gnathology M. Jász
9. Integrated preventive dentistry – conservative dentistry 3-Nov Zs. Lohinai
Possibilities in prevention of orthodontic anomalies F. Németh
10. Oral cancer 10-Nov Zs. Németh
11. Environmental and iatrogenic damaging factors in dentistry 17-Nov K. Bartha
Infection control
12. Fissure-sealing 24-Nov E. Molnár
The role of dental hygienists in the dental practice R. Németh
13. Environmental protection. 1-Dec T. Demeter
14. Group-prophylaxis, Design, Organisation 8-Dec K. Bartha
Profilaxis in the school 



    Seminar: Friday: 12:00-13:30
    Practice: ED3:1-3, 7-9: Friday: 8:00-9:30
    ED3:4-6, 10-12: Friday: 10:00-11:30
Week Topic   Date Lecturer
1. Clinical workplace (Seminar)   9-Sep K. Árendás
2. Clinical workplace (practice)    Test subject: Subject of first seminar  16-Sep  
3. Dental status, medical/dental history (Seminar)   23-Sep K. Árendás
4. Medical history, Dental status, stomato-oncological screening (practice)  Test subject: Medical history, Dental status, stomato-oncological screening 30-Sep  
5. Dental status, Cariesdiagnostic (practice)   Test subject: Cariesdiagnostic, caries indexes 7-Oct  
6. DMF number/index, methods od cariesdiagnostic (practice)    14-Oct  
7. Oral hygiene (Seminar)   21-Oct K. Árendás
8. Oral hygiene indices (Seminar)   28-Oct K. Árendás
9. Oral hygiene indices  (practice)  Test subject: Oral hygiene indices  4-Nov  
10. Plaque staining (practice)  Test subject: Plaque staining  11-Nov  
11. Periodontal Indexes, scaling (practice)  Test subject: Periodontal Indexes 18-Nov  
12. Periodontal Indexes, scaling (practice)    25-Nov  
13. Caries Risk Test (practice)           2-Dec  
14. Consultation   9-Dec K. Árendás



Exam questions

Exam questions are here:  Download 



  • Primary Preventive Dentistry. Edited by Norman O. Harris,

Franklin Garcia-Godoy – 5th ed. Appleton Lange, Stamford, Connecticut,

  1. ISBN 0-8385-8129-3

Recommended textbooks:

  • Preventív fogászat. Szerkesztette: Nyárasdy Ida és Bánóczy Jolán

Medicina, Budapest, 2009

  • The Prevention of oral disease. Third edition.

Edited by J.J. Murray, Oxford University Press,

Oxford, New York, Tokio, 1996. ISBN 0 19 2624571

  • Fluoride in Dentistry. Second edition.

Edited by O. Fejerskov, J. Ekstrand, B.A. Burt,

Munksgaard, Copenhagen, 1996. ISBN 87-16-22282-2

Books (to download the list)

Requirement system

Preventive dentistry (new curriculum 21/22)

Preventive dentistry II.