The students need to select a topic and notify the certain educational-research unit at least a year prior to completion of their studies (one year before the final year).

If the head of the educational-research unit authorizes the topic, then the student will need to consult with the supervisor regularly to complete the diploma work.

The content of the thesis can be at least 50,000 characters, the maximum content is 100,000 characters without spaces. The font to be used is Times New Roman in font size 12. The content includes the tables as well as the references; however, it does not include the figures, footnotes, and bibliography.

The thesis should be bound in book format in 2 copies; and submitted alongside an electronic (digital) copy to the educational-research unit responsible for the training. A certificate of submission will be given to the student.

The cover of the thesis should include the title of the thesis, the name, the year, and the group of the student; in addition to the year of submission and the name and workplace of the consultant.


Dr. Petra Papp is responsible for the diploma works; the students need to apply to her. Email:


Diploma Work 2021

Diploma Work  2022

Diploma Work 2023