Dear Students, 

We kindly inform you that the handouts of the lectures are only guidelines for studying; the content of the official textbooks is also necessary to pass the midterms and exams!


Required textbooks: 
Conservative Dentistry:
Sturdevant’s Art and Science of Operative Dentistry 
(edited by H. Heymann , Swift Jr. and Ritter Mosby)

Endodontics Principles and Practice

(edited by: Mahmoud Torabinejad, Richard E. Walton)



1. Preventive endodontics: significance of the pulp protection. Endodontal diagnostics Komora P.
2. Endodontic microbiology Tóth Zs.
3. Endodontics: Access preparation and length determination Tóth Zs.
4. Endodontics: cleaning and shaping of root canals Herczegh A.
5. Shaping of the Root Canal System: hand and rotary instrumentation techniques Vág J.
6. Obturation techniques (cold and warm gutta-percha techniques) Vág J.
7. Evaluation of Endontic Outcomes, Retreatments Vág J.
8. Radiology in Conservative Dentistry Vecsei B.
9. Endodontic management of traumatic dental injuries Fazekas R.
10. Definitive restorations of root canal treated teeth, post and core build-up, single crowns Szabó E.
11. Surgical treatments related to Endodontics. Methods and indications. Szabó E.
12. Endodontic emergencies. Lohinai Zs.
13. Planning of complex dental treatments Vág J.
14. Interactive case discussion Csomó K.