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4th year Medical Imaging Education

Medical Imaging Undergraduate Education Program:

The goals of the undergraduate Medical Imaging education:

  • to understand the role of radiologists as part of the multi-disciplinary patient care team

  • to understand the application of radiology technology in an appropriate manner to answer clinical problems or questions

  • to learn the differential diagnoses for common radiographic findings

  • to learn when and how to request a medical imaging study


General information


4th year Medical Imaging Educational Information 2020/21

4th year Medical Imaging Exam Information 2020/21

4th year Medical Imaging Timetable 2020/21

Medical Imaging Educational Sites, Map

According to the hybrid educational guidelines set forth by the Dean, the Medical Imaging Centre will organize all lectures, consultations, and case discussions (marked with green in the timetable) via the Zoom platform, while clinical rotations/shadowing (marked with purple in the timetable) will be done in small groups of 2-4 in person at the premises of the Centre.


Teaching materials for Undergraduate Medical Students:

Gunderman: Essential Radiology (Thieme, 2014) ISBN: 9781604065732


Lectures, Practices and Case Reviews for Medical Students (via Moodle and Kaltura platform)


How to contact us:

General Chief of Undergraduate Education:

Zsuzsanna Lénárd MD PhD, Assistant Lecturer

e-mail:; phone: +36 20 825 9215

Chief of Undergraduate English Education:

Lajos Kozák MD PhD EdiNR, Assistant Lecturer

e-mail:; phone: +36 20 825 9215

Secretary of Medical Imaging Department:

Phone: +36 1 459 1500/61626 or 61628