How to contact us:

General Chief of Undergraduate Education:

Zsuzsanna Lénárd MD PhD, Assistant Lecturer

e-mail:; phone: +36 20 825 9215

Chief of Undergraduate English Education:

Lajos Kozák MD PhD EdiNR, Assistant Lecturer

e-mail:; phone: +36 20 663 2151

Secretary of Medical Imaging Department:

Phone: +36 1 459 1500/61626 or 61628


Educational Information for 4th-year Medical Students 2019-20

Timetable of 4th year Medical Imaging rotation

Teaching materials for Undergraduate Medical Students:

  1. Gunderman: Essential Radiology (Thieme, 2014) ISBN: 9781604065732


Lectures and Practices for Medical Students (Please click to open.)

Medical Imaging Undergraduate Education Program:

The goals of the undergraduate Medical Imaging education:

  • to understand the role of radiologists as part of the multi-disciplinary patient care team
  • to understand the application of radiology technology in an appropriate manner to answer clinical problems or questions
  • to learn the differential diagnoses for common radiographic findings
  • to learn when and how to request a medical imaging study

From 2019/2020 semester, 4th year Medical Imaging Education is organised in block system.

4th year Undergraduate Medical Imaging block includes:

  • Theory and practice of X-ray, US, CT, MRI and Nuclear Medicine
  • Emergency Neuroradiology; Emergency chest radiology; Emergency abdomen/pelvis radiology
  • Interventional radiology
  • Breast imaging and diagnostics
  • Radiation protection
  • Teleradiology
  • Strategies for requesting radiological examinations
  • Artificial intelligence in radiology
  • Radiological image analysis