Practical Neuroradiology
Elective course
Credits: 2

Neuroradiology as a subspecialty of medical imaging is a basic tool of all medical specialties dealing with the central nervous system. The course will provide knowledge for the everyday use and practice of neuroradiology. As an introduction, a neurologist and a neurosurgeon will summarize their expectations from the results of neuroradiological examinations. The basic tools of neuroradiology (x-rays, ultrasound, angiography, CT, MRI) will be described. The indications, algorithms and protocols will be demonstrated. Detailed demonstration of the examinations and results of the important cerebral and spinal disease groups (congenital malformations, stroke-vascular malformations, degenerative-inflammatory brain diseases, abnormal circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid, tumours, infections, trauma, degenerative spinal diseases), as well as those of the sella, orbits and inner ear will be provided.The course will contain lectures and seminars working up interactively the topics of the lectures throughreal cases. The material of the lectures and a series of tests connected to the topics will be available for the students on the webpage of the course.