R & D capabilities

The staff of the Department has experiences during initial stages of product development to create an appropriate dosage form, matching the needs with the desired profile in drug delivery.
Some members of the staff worked at different pharmaceutical companies where they have gained experience in the manufacturing and testing of most pharmaceutical products.
Pharmaceutical technological research is complex, since beside the art of science and technology, it requires the knowledge of regulatory issues and industry practices.
The Analytical Laboratory is capable of preformulation, formulation, in-process, release, stability, compatibility and bioanalytical testing of drugs.
The Department of Pharmaceutics is capable of several research and development activities including:

  • preformulation studies, such as determination of the physiochemical properties of drug substances

  • studies of drug-excipient interactions (incompatibility studies) for excipient selection

  • formulation and process development on laboratory scale

  • formulation stability testing

  • specialized dosage form development (modified release, dissolution/solubility improvement)

The research team has experiences in the application of statistical experimental design (DOE) to find relationships eg. between physicochemical characteristics and delivery profile of the drug carrier systems.