The subject is recommended for the students interested in several fields of traditional pharmaceuticalé compounding of dosage forms, especially for individual patients. The course focuses on: the history of compounding, profiles of patient centric compounding, career for pharmacists; pharmaceutical technological aspects of product authorization, evolution of dosage forms. Innovation and intellectual property; reformulation and formulation studies; optimization of dosage form composition; control of active substance and excipients, physic-chemical and solid state characterization; novel drug delivery systems; design of the manufacturing process; critical formulation attributes and process parameters; comparison of scaling-up methods.

Lecture topics:

  1. The significance of the pharmaceutical compounding.
  2. Past and future of pharmaceutical compounding.
  3. Combined preparations for individual therapy.
  4. Pharmacopoeial aspects of compounded dosage forms.
  5. Practical guidelines for traditional compounding (Formulae Normales).
  6. Pharmaceutical substances, synonyms.
  7. Dose calculations.
  8. Functional excipients in the formulation. The quality of starting materials.
  9. Practical problems of incompatibilities in combined preparations.
  10. The evolution of the patient centric formulation.
  11. Technological aspects of the quality for individual preparations.
  12. Operations and equipments.
  13. Procedures and techniques.
  14. Summary and overview, consultation.