The educational schedule of Pharmaceutical Technology

The distance learning  starts at the 23th of March 2020. with the 7th week of education.

The original weekly schedule is in operation in GMT + 01 H (Central European Time) for every student, but additionally supplementary occasions and consultations will be granted later.

In order to acquire all the necessary knowledge of the lectures, the slides of all lectures and auxiliary multimedia elements are granted with the utilization of Moodle and Zoom.
In order to join the education via „Zoom meeting” an invitation link will be sent through the Neptun with the proper Meeting ID and password.

The material of practices will be also presented by slides and multimedia elements integrated into the Moodle and Zoom applications.
In the case of particular practices the completion of digital laboratory records/reports and task sheets are required from all the participants according to the relevant guidance.
The aim of these demonstrations is to ensure the fluent and rapid supplement of the real practices following end of the state of emergency.using the skills and knowledge acquired by the distance education.
The mid-term examinations are planned to be executed by the Moodle and Zoom applications. All the relevant details will be announced in a guideline.

Pharmaceutical Technoglogy II. (3rd year) distance learning

Pharmaceutical Technoglogy IV. (4rd year) distance learning