Teaching and research are equally important aspects of our mission.

Research groups of the Department of Physiology welcome students who are interested in research activities. Students eligible for application if their physiology final exam’s grade is 4 or 5.

For further information please contact Dr. Eszter M. Horváth: phone extension: 60338 or 60335, email: horvath.eszter@med.semmelweis-univ.hu

The research activity of the Institute is organized around the following research groups:

Molecular endocrinology – cell signaling (PI: Dr. László Hunyady, full professor,  member of the Hung. Acad. Sci. – Dr. Péter Várnai, full professor, D.Sc.)
  Fagocyte physiology (PI: Dr. Erzsébet Ligeti, full professor, member of the Hung. Acad. Sci.)
Ionchanels and molecular biology (PI: Dr. Péter Enyedi, full professor, D.Sc.)
Molecular physiology (PI: Dr. András Spät, professor emeritus, member of the Hung. Acad. Sci.)
Infalammation physiology (PI: Dr. Attila Mócsai, full professor, D.Sc.)  
Reactive oxigene species (PI: Dr. Miklós Geiszt, full professor, D.Sc.)  
Chronophysiology laboratory (PI: Dr. Krisztina Káldi, assistant professor)  
  Lymphatic Physiology Research Group (PI: Dr Zoltán Jakus, assistant professor)