The Department was founded in 1770 as Department of Physiology and Pharmacology (Physiologia et materia medica). The term “pharmacology” was omitted in September, 1891, because the histology and pharmacology educations were taken over by other departments.

Until the 30s of the 20th Century teaching and experiment activities were carried out according to the traditions of the German universities, but later on the Anglo-American model of teaching (profile) was practiced more and more.

The undergraduate level education includes lectures and laboratory practices for medical and dental students in the 3rd and 4th Semester in Hungarian, English and German. In postgraduate education the Department runs the Cellular and Molecular Physiology Ph.D. program. Furthermore, the Department continues to play an important role in the coordination and organization of the Student’s Scientific Associations.

Since 1981, the scientific profile of the Department has changed substantially in the direction of cellular and molecular physiology. The main research areas include: signal transmission in endocrine cells, the physiology of leukocytes and inflammation, reactive oxyges species, cirkadian clocks, plasmalemmal and mitochondrial ion transport processes.

In October 2008, the Department has moved to Tüzoltó street into the new Basic Medical Science Center (EOK). Earlier (1874-2008) the Department was located in Puskin (formerly Esterházy) street.

The publications of the colleagues of the Department appear regularly in leading European and American magazines, such as: American Journal of Physiology, Journal of Physiology (London), Endocrinology, Molecular Pharmacology, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Biochemical Journal, Cell calcium, etc.

Head of the Department:

HUNYADY, László 
M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.


Former Department Heads:

  • SPÄT, András, 1995-2005
  • FONYÓ, Attila, 1981-1995
  • BÁLINT, Péter, 1950-1981
  • MANSFELD, Géza, 1945-1950
  • BEZNÁK, Aladár, 1935-1945
  • FARKAS, Géza, 1919-1934
  • KŐRÖSY, Kornél, 1918-19
  • TANGL, Ferenc, 1914-1917
  • UDRÁNSZKY, László, 1910-1914
  • KLUG, Nándor, 1891-1909
  • JENDRASSIK, Jenő, 1860-1891
  • CZERMAK, János, 1858-1860
  • MARGÓ, Tivadar (h.), 1857-1858
  • SCHORDANN, Zsigmond, 1821-1857
  • LENHOSSÉK, Mihály, 1808-1819
  • BENE, Ferenc, 1806-1808
  • RÁCZ, Sámuel, 1786-1806
  • PRANDT, Ádám Ignác, 1770-1786