Autogenic training

One of the good values of these days is that the calm and balanced lifestyle is getting to have a much greater role in our lives. You will not be a successful workforce or leader if you are always overloaded and therefore irritated as well. As a matter of fact, most of the workplaces look for those who can keep being relaxed even in a quite stressful environment. And we all know that the health care system has a lot of stress in it. Many people in leading positions use some kind of relaxing techniques to manage the everyday pressure. The autogenic training has been proven to be effective and easy to learn to reach this goal.

Patients’ rights

How can we avoid to be sued by a patient? How is it possible to stop the case before getting to court? What kind of rights does the doctor have during the curing process or after it? I am trying to give the right answers and advices regarding this very important topic. The goal is that all members of the medical staff can do their job without the unnecessary fear of complaints, malpractice lawsuits or legal forms.

Typewriting course

Typewriting is an inseparable part of almost every job. Despite being clear that nearly everyone needs this skill to be effective enough during the working hours, there are only a few people who actually make an effort to develop themselves this way. This is funny because it is an easily improvable ability. The math is simple: typewriting faster equals shorter time needed to finish the given task. You can spare a lot of time just like that and time is the most valuable thing for health care professionals. Do not waste it on targeting the keys all day long.