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Director’s welcome

The internationalisation and globalisation of societies pose new challenges to the healthcare systems and the education of healthcare professionals from ethical, social, cultural, communicational and professional points of view. Changes in demography, service systems, the mobility of clients and technological developments have greatly transformed and reformed the structure of the healthcare system, including the requirements expected from the healthcare education system. The participation and the formulation of the system of international relations is a core element in this process. Providing suitable personal, material and organizational conditions is inevitable in the realisation of efficient international collaborations – in one word, internationalisation in the specialist literature.

The aim of the Directorate of International Relations, apart from cultivating the already existing relations of the University, is to actively develop and coordinate the University’s international relations and to improve its competitiveness by identifying and profiting from new cooperative opportunities. These objectives are of paramount importance due to Semmelweis University’s international reputation and its pioneering global role in education, research and healthcare.

Dr. Marcel Pop