Principal investigator: Klara Horvath, MD, PhD

PhD students: Sándor Erdős, MD, Ambrus Szemere, MD, Kristóf Topa, MD

  1. Virtual reality in Paediatrics: the immersive and distractive characteristics of virtual reality have a remarkable potential in Paediatrics. The activity and coping mechanisms of paediatric patients – often restricted to hospital rooms – may benefit from this methodology which feels close to their generation.
  2. Sleep in the PICU: Sleep and circadian rhythms are often disrupted in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. Our goal is to study the origin and mechanism of this disruption with automated methods to be able to prevent sleep and circadian rhythm disruption which might have consequences on later psychological health.
  3. Simulation training in Paediatrics: our aim is to identify and study the factors of simulation training which lead to effective learning.