TDK themes 2024/2025
Growth disorders Dr. Bertalan Rita
Rare Pediatric CNS Embrional Tumors – Register Analysis Dr. Brückner Edit, Dr. Garami Miklós
Etiology, clinical course and outcome of bacterial and aseptic meningitides Dr. Dobner Sára
Treatment of ALL relapse in childhood and adolescents Dr. Erdélyi Dániel
Assessment of CNS involvement of leukaemia Dr. Erdélyi Dániel, Dr. Almási Laura
Social and romantic relations of childhood cancer survivors Dr. Garami Miklós, Dr. Hernádfői Márk
Long-term prognosis in relation to vitamin D status in pediatric solid tumor patients Dr. Garami Miklós, Dr. Juhász Orsolya
Assessment of the effectiveness of personalized therapies in the real-life care of childhood brain tumors Dr. Garami Miklós, Dr. Máté Vanda
Protocol-directed sedation in reducing adverse effects in the mechanical ventilation of critically III pedriatric patients Dr. Horváth Klára
Sedation, sleep and circadian rhythms at the PICU Dr. Horváth Klára
COVID-vaccination results in autoimmune patients receiving biological therapy Dr. Horváth Zsuzsanna
New biomarkers in autoinflammatory diseases (FMF, SJIA) Dr. Horváth Zsuzsanna
Total thyreoidectomy in childre Dr. Jenővári Zoltán
Surgical treatment of intersexuality Dr. Jenővári Zoltán
Parenchymal sparing tumorresection in chidlren Dr. Jenővári Zoltán
Preventive mutilation ih children Dr. Jenővári Zoltán
Single-cell multiomics based applications in clinical genetics Dr. Kovács Árpád Ferenc
Childhood encephalitis: causes, clinical, laboratory and radiological characteristics Dr. Liptai Zoltán
Clinical characteristics, diagnosis and treatment of neuroimmunological diseases in childhood Dr. Liptai Zoltán
Investigation of the effectiveness of disease-modifying therapies in Duchenne muscular dystophy Dr. Liptai Zoltán, Dr. Szabó Léna
Targeted treatment in juvenile idiopathis arthritis: long-term results Dr. Ponyi Andrea
Immunization in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis Dr. Ponyi Andrea