The paediatrics exam topic list and the screening questions are avaiable at Moodle.

Diploma Work Topics

  • Download topic list from here!

Place: Club room – (Building 7, 3rd floor)

Vith year practice : 8 weeks 
The basic goal of the practice in pediatrics is to get a good general knowledge and aquire basic skills of a general practitioner. Managing patients under the supervision of a specialist, which involves physicalexamination, attending ward rounds, presenting cases and preparing hospital documents. Attending pediatric interventions. Interpreting laboratory results, analysing urine sediments and blood smears, gettingfamiliar with radiologic characteristics in childhood. Attending consultations with specialists.

  • On the starting day of the Practice all students should come to the Education Secretary after 09:00 AM.
  • One week before the practice no changes are allowed according any kind of registration issue! (including wrong group registration)
  • The last week of the rotation is a Study week.
  • After finishing the rotation, practical exam should be done the day before the oral exam after 9:00 AM. All students, even if someone fulfilled it at our Department, have to do the practical exam. Without the practical exam, students are not allowed to take the oral exam!
  • It is not possible under any circumstances to do the exam before finishing the whole practice rotation.
  • If someone is a 5th year student at the 1st Department of Pediatrics Clinic it is not possible to change Department for the 6th year.