Modern care for brain tumors

As a result of the close relationship between the National Institute of Mental Health, Neurology and Neurosurgeryand our clinic, we can provide complex and comprehensive care of children with central nervous system cancer in Hungary:

  • improvement of survival results
  • design and use of Hungarian Brain Tumor Protocols

2000 – present

Scientific topics

  • Investigation of the applicability of new diagnostic procedures in central nervous system tumors: FET-PET / CT
  • A new therapeutic option in the treatment of high-risk neuroblastoma in childhood: monoclonal antibody therapy
  • Gene expression profiling of solid tumors
  • Use of complementary medicine (CAM) in pediatric oncology treatments
  • Digital Survivorship passport for those cured of childhood cancer in Hungary
  • MicroRNA profiling of solid tumors in childhood: introduction of a new biomarker in clinical practice
  • NGS-based chip design for childhood solid tumors
  • Search for an association between molecular genetic profiling and clinical outcome in childhood thyroid carcinomas: a prognostic marker study
  • Vitamin D status as a possible predictive marker in childhood solid tumors
  • The possible role of beta-d-glucan in the treatment of childhood neuroblastoma
  • Assessment of the interaction between intestinal microbiome status and chemotherapy in pediatric oncology
  • Investigation of the development of hypogonadism in childhood cancer survivors
  • Preserving the fertility of women who have recovered from childhood cancer
  • Examining the quality of life of childhood cancer survivors: Quality of Life versus Patient Related Outcome
  • Social status as a possible marker in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood solid tumors