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Translational Medicine from Single Molecules
to the Cardiovascular System

Date and TimeProgram ItemLecture TitleSpeaker
Tuesday, Nov 5Semmelweis Symposium Day 1
Tuesday, Nov 5, 11:30amRegistration
Tuesday, Nov 5, 12:00pmOpening ReceptionSymposium Venue
Tuesday, Nov 5, 12:45pmOpening CeremonyRector's Welcome RemarksBela Merkely
Tuesday, Nov 5, 01:00pmDHC Award Ceremony IAwardee: Michel Komajda
Tuesday, Nov 5, 01:15pmKeynote 1Diabetes and Heart Failure: Where Do We Stand, Where Do We Go?Michel Komajda, FR
Tuesday, Nov 5, 02:00pmDHC Award Ceremony IIAwardee: Jeroen Bax
Tuesday, Nov 5, 02:30pmKeynote 2CT Imaging and Interventional CardiologyStephan Achenbach, DE
Tuesday, Nov 5, 03:15pmCoffee Break & Poster Viewing
Tuesday, Nov 5, 03:40pmSession 1 - ImagingChairman's AddressBela Merkely, Pal Maurovich-Horvat
Tuesday, Nov 5, 03:45pmKeynote 3 - ImagingCTA: Atherosclerosis, Coronary Stenosis, Flow Reserve, and Shear Stress - in the Search for the Vulnerable PlaqueJeroen Bax, NL
Tuesday, Nov 5, 04:30pmSession 1 - ImagingMolecular Imaging in Cardiovascular DiseasesDavid Newby, UK
Tuesday, Nov 5, 04:55pmSession 1 - ImagingNovel Imaging Techniques and Treatment Strategies in Aortic StenosisMarc Dweck, UK
Tuesday, Nov 5, 05:20pmCoffee Break & Poster Viewing
Tuesday, Nov 5, 05:45pmKeynote 4"Power My Heart" - The Magical Functions of the MitochondriaRainer Schulz, DE
Tuesday, Nov 5, 06:30pmSession 2 - Cardiotoxicity & CardioprotectionChairman's AddressPeter Ferdinandy, Pal Pacher
Tuesday, Nov 5, 06:30pmSession 2 - Cardiotoxicity & CardioprotectionCardiotoxicity of Anti-Cancer Durgs - a Never Ending Story of
Pietro Ameri, IT
Tuesday, Nov 5, 06.55pmSession 2 - Cardiotoxicity & CardioprotectionCancer Drugs and The HeartGiorgio Minotti, IT
Tuesday, Nov 5, 07:20pmSession 2 - Cardiotoxicity & CardioprotectionTranslational Development of Noncoding RNA TherapeuticsThomas Thum, DE
Tuesday, Nov 5, 08:00pmOpening Dinner & Concert of the Medic Orchestra Symposium Venue
Wednesday, Nov 6Semmelweis Symposium Day 2
Wednesday, Nov 6, 08:00amRegistration
Wednesday, Nov 6, 08:30amSession 3 - Extracellular VesiclesChairman's AddressEdit Buzas, Zoltan Giricz
Wednesday, Nov 6, 08:30amSession 3 - Extracellular VesiclesExtracellular Vesicles - from Biomarkers to Gene TherapyBence Gyoergy, CH
Wednesday, Nov 6, 08:50amSession 3 - Extracellular VesiclesExosomes and Epitranscriptome in Remodeling and Repair of the HeartSusmita Sahoo, US
Wednesday, Nov 6, 09:10amSession 3 - Extracellular VesiclesAdvancing Therapeutic Application of Extracellular Vesicles for Myocardial RepairJoost Sluijter, NL
Wednesday, Nov 6, 09:35amSession 3 - Extracellular VesiclesExtracellular Vesicles and CoagulationRienk Nieuwland, NL
Wednesday, Nov 6, 10:05amCoffee Break & Poster Viewing
Wednesday, Nov 6, 10:30amKeynote 5Cardiovascular Risk in Inflammatory Arthritis - from Bench to Bedside: State of Art 2019?Michael Nurmohamed, NL
Wednesday, Nov 6, 11:15amSession 4 - Translational MedicineChairman's AddressZoltan Benyo, Akos Koller, Zoltan Ungvari
Wednesday, Nov 6, 11:15amSession 4 - Translational MedicineTaking the Lipid Mediator Lysophosphatidic Acid from the Bench to ClinicGabor J Tigyi, US

Wednesday, Nov 6, 11:40amSession 4 - Translational MedicineGPCR Signaling in Smooth Muscle Cells: from Single-Cell Expression to the Identification of New FunctionsNina Wettschureck, DE
Wednesday, Nov 6, 12:05pmSession 4 - Translational MedicineSurgical Treatment of Asymptomatic Carotid Artery Disease: the Mayo Clinic ExperiencePeter Gloviczki, US
Wednesday, Nov 6, 12:30pmLunch Break & Poster ViewingSymposium Venue
Wednesday, Nov 6, 01:30pmKeynote 6The Power of Digitalization Transforming Cardiovascular MedicineGerhard Hindricks, DE
Wednesday, Nov 6, 02:15pmSession 5 - Cardioprotection & Cardiotoxicity Chairman's AddressPeter Ferdinandy, Zoltan Giricz
Wednesday, Nov 6, 02:15pmSession 5 - Cardioprotection & Cardiotoxicity Myocardial Protection in the Light of Remote Ischemic ConditioningBruno Podesser, IT
Wednesday, Nov 6, 02:40pmSession 5 - Cardioprotection & CardiotoxicityProtecting the Heart from Injury - Bench-to-Bedside in ActionDerek Hausenloy, SG
Wednesday, Nov 6, 03:05pmSession 5 - Cardioprotection & Cardiotoxicity Novel Targets and Therapeutic Strategies that Bring New Hopes in CardioprotectionGemma Vilahur, ES
Wednesday, Nov 6, 03:30pmSession 5 - Cardioprotection & Cardiotoxicity Cardiovascular Effects of Endocannabinoids, Marijuana and Synthetic CannabinoidsPal Pacher, US
Wednesday, Nov 6, 03:55pmCoffee Break & Poster Viewing
Wednesday, Nov 6, 04:30pmKeynote 7The WHF Perspective on the Global Burden of Cardiovascular Disease in the 21st CenturyFausto Pinto, PT
Wednesday, Nov 6, 05:15pmSession 6 - ComorbidityChairman's AddressAndrea Fekete, Peter Sotonyi
Wednesday, Nov 6, 05:15pmSession 6 - ComorbidityChallenges and Innovations in Aortic TherapiesE. Sebastian Debus, DE
Wednesday, Nov 6, 05:45pmSession 6 - ComorbidityNovel Approaches to Manage Diuretic ResistanceChris S Wilcox, US
Wednesday, Nov 6, 06:15pmSession 6 - ComorbidityPreeclampsia and Long-term Cardiorenal RisksJennifer M Sasser, US
Wednesday, Nov 6, 10:00pmYoung Researchers' PartyVenue: 4BRO Downtown, 1075 Budapest, Király utca 13.
Thursday, Nov 7Semmelweis Symposium Day 3
Thursday, Nov 7, 07:45amRegistration
Thursday, Nov 7, 08:00amSession 7 - Heart FailureChairman's AddressBela Merkely, Tamas Radovits
Thursday, Nov 7, 08:00amSession 7 - Heart FailureTargeting Transcription to Treat Acute Heart Failure?Johannes Backs, DE
Thursday, Nov 7, 08:25amSession 7 - Heart FailureThe Metabolic Road of Co-morbidities to Understanding the Pathophysiology of HFpEF: The role of Inflammatory Signaling Pathways in Cardiac Function ModulationNazha Hamdani, DE
Thursday, Nov 7, 08:55amSession 7 - Heart FailureCutting the Gordian Knot on Heart Failure Treatment: from Drugs to DevicesPetar Seferovic, RS
Thursday, Nov 7, 09:20amCoffee Break & Poster Viewing
Thursday, Nov 7, 10:00amSession 8 - Single MoleculesChairman's AddressMiklos Kellermayer, Andras Malnasi-Csizmada
Thursday, Nov 7, 10:00amKeynote 8 - Single MoleculesCo-Temporal Force and Fluorescence Measurements Reveal a Ribosomal Gear-shift Mechanism of Translation Regulation by mRNACarlos Bustamante, US
Thursday, Nov 7, 10:45amSession 8 - Single MoleculesProtein Nanomechanics in Health and DiseaseJorge Alegre-Cebollada, ES
Thursday, Nov 7, 11:15amSession 8 - Single MoleculesMuscle Contraction: from Myofibrils to Marcomeres to MoleculesDilson Rassier, CA
Thursday, Nov 7, 11:45pmSemmelweis 250 Birthday Ceremony & Lunch BreakSymposium Venue
Thursday, Nov 7, 01:00pmKeynote 9Molecular Motors: Nature's Tiniest Protein MachinesJonathon Howard, US
Thursday, Nov 7, 01:45pmSession 9 - InflammationChairman's AddressZoltan Varga, Gergo Szanda
Thursday, Nov 7, 01:45pmSession 9 - InflammationMacrophage Contribution to Type 2 Diabetes Independently of InflammationMyriam Aouadi, SE
Thursday, Nov 7, 02:10pmSession 9 - InflammationInvolvement of CB1R and iNOS Signaling in the Pathogenesis of Diabetic DyslipidemiaTony Jourdan, FR
Thursday, Nov 7, 02:35pmSession 9 - InflammationDiabesity-Induced Chronic Kidney Disease: When Kidneys Get the MunchiesYossi Tam, IL
Thursday, Nov 7, 02:50pmSession 9 - InflammationCannabinoid Type 1 Receptors (CB1R) in Pulmonary Fibrosis: Paracrine Control on Immunometabolim for Driving Fibroproliferative MicroenvironmentResat Cinar, US
Thursday, Nov 7, 03:15pmCoffee Break & Poster Viewing
Thursday, Nov 7, 03:45pmSession 10 - Regenerative MedicineChairman's AddressPeter Sotonyi, Foldes Gabor
Thursday, Nov 7, 03:45pmKeynote 10 - Regenerative MedicineRegenerating Cell and Tissue Function In Vitro and In VivoChristopher Chen, US
Thursday, Nov 7,
Session 10 - Regenerative MedicineCell Therapies for Myocardial Repair in Ischaemic Heart Disease and Heart Failure - Current StatusRosalinda Madonna, IT
Thursday, Nov 7, 04:55pmSession 10 - Regenerative MedicineAllografts in the Setting of Graft InfectionAnne Catherine Lejay, FR
Thursday, Nov 7, 05:30pmClosing Ceremony - Semmelweis 250 Best Poster Awards
Thursday, Nov 7, 08:00pmJazz/Opera/Cembalo ConcertVenue: Main Parish Church in the City Centre of Budapest