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18. May 1988



Associate   –   BAGázs Public Benefit Association

[communication, fundraising activities, event organization, developing a volunteer competence framework]

2014 – Program Coordinator   –   BAGázs Public Benefit Association

[group sessions for kindergarten aged children developing emotional intelligence and social competence, working with mothers at home setting, contact with childcare and child welfare institution]

2014 – Lecturer   –   Pázmány Péter

[course on scientific methodology, reading and writing, course on cognitive psychology]

2014                   Competence test Developer –   Hungarian Institute of Education

[creating tests measuring student competence in natural sciences]

2013                   Volunteer   –   BAGázs Public Benefit Association

[tutoring and mentoring underprivileged Roma children]

2012 – 2013     Organizer  –  V. Dubrovnik Conference on Cognitive Science

[promotion, contact, organising transport and catering, program coordination, secreterial services]

2011 – 2013     Project Manager – Bódizs Sleep Lab

[managing a research project on developmental neuroscience and psychology: promotion, contact, team leadership: coordination and supervision of the assistants, documentation, data analysis, -evaluation, scientific writing, feedback to participants]

2009 – 2010     Project Manager   –  LIREC (Living with Robots and Interactive Companions) project

[contact with international partners, communication with participants, organizing and scheduling experiments, documentation, data-analysis]

2008 – 2009     Research assistant Behavioural Ecology Research Group, ELTE

[administration, organizing experiments]


2014 – Mental Health Sciences PhD   –   Semmelweis University, Budapest

2014                  CBT and mentalization in work with children, young people and theirs families short course   –   Anna Freud Institute, London

2013                  Social and emotional education  short course   –   Waldorf Pedagogical Institution, Solymár

2011 – 2013    Cognitive science MSc (in English) –  Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest

2006 – 2010    Biologist BSc  –  Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest

2002 – 2006    Mathematics-English Special Class  – Eötvös József Secondary School, Budapest


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