DOB.: 1980.11.09


2006-   Focus trainer (Klára Ladányi)
2007 – 2010   Active Analytical method-specific training
Active Analytical Society
2008 – 2009   Autogenic trainer, Hungarian Relaxation and Symbol Therapy Society
2003-2007   MA Psychologist,
Károli Gáspár University
2005   Psycho-Club stipendium team-leader training, Nagyító Foundation
2000 – 2004   BA German language teacher,
Eötvös Lóránd University
1999   Deák square Evangelist Secondary School


2008 –   Assigned lecturer, Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary
2004   German language teacher, Árpád Bókay Elementary school


  • Sándor P., Német O., Lázár A.S., Rigó P., Gémes K. and Bódizs R. (2010): Novelty seeking and Intelligence as reflected in the individual differences in sleep spindling. Conference Abstract: IBRO International Workshop doi: 10.3389/conf.fnins.2010.10.00182
  • Sándor P., Német O., Lázár A.S., Rigó P., Gémes K. and Bódizs R. (2010): Novelty-seeking,experience-seeking correlates to intelligence in terms of personality traits, Hungarian Psychiatric Assotiation Conference, Budapest
  • O. Német, P. Sándor (2009): Correlations between Cloninger’s Temperament- and Character Dimensions, the IQ and the Patterns of Sleep Spindles, Pszinapszis (Psychological Conference for Enquirers)
  • O. Német, R. Rochlitz (2008): “Korkontroll” in health psychology: preventive health care in the late adoulthood, Pszinapszis
  • O. Német, P. Sándor (2008): Dreaming Ourselves: Our Character Revealing itself During Sleeping, Pszinapszis
  • O. Német, P. Sándor (2006): The Correlation between Self-transcendence and the Patterns of Sleep Spindles, KAPU (Károli Gáspár University Psychological Institute Professional Days)
  • O. Német (2006): Learning methods, Erkel Ferenc elementary school


2008 –   Psychologist, Organisation-development department head, Gordon & Webster Inc.
2006   Assertivity, management skills development, burnout prevention, stress- management, sales skills Co-trainer. Merényi and partners Consultancy Ltd.
2005 – 2007   Sleep-research laboratory EEG research assistant


Hungarian courses:

  • Personality psychology 2. seminar
  • Preparation for the psychological profession 1. 2.;
  • Preparation for the psychological profession 4: Development of therapeutic relational communication skills;
  • Preparation for the psychological profession 3: Development of assertiveness skills

German courses:

  • Deutsche Sprache und Literatur


  • Neurophysiological basis of temperament and character
  • Specific and non specific effects of psychotherapy


2008   Faculty Scientific conference (TDK), 1st place


under publication:

  • O. Német (2010): Why do we sleep?, Everyday psychology
  • P. Sándor, O. Német (2010): The unique characteristics of the sleeping brain, part 2 – Intelligence and the sleeping brain, Journal of Military Science
  • O. Német, P. Sándor (2010): Show me your EEG, and I’ll tell you who you are, Life and Science, OTKA competition


  • German – advanced
  • English -intermediate