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2010 – present                     Semmelweis University, Doctoral School of Mental Health Sciences, Budapest

2004-2009                           Károli Gáspár University, Faculty of Psychology, Budapest

2002-2004                           Szent István University, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Budapest

1997- 2002                            Hungarian-English Dual Language School, Balatonalmádi


2013                                     Pediatric Sleep Training, Southampton, UK (by Catherine Hill, MD)

2011- 2014                        Certified coder and user of the Manchester Child Attachment  Story Task (MCAST) attachment assessing tool, Prof. Jonathan Green, Oslo, Norway

2009-present                         Method specific dynamic child therapist training – EGO Klinika

2009                                        NLP practitioner (Gyula Bíro EANLPt country referent)

2008 -2012                             Certified Focusing therapist (Klara Ladányi)


2012-2014                               National Scientific Research Fund (OTKA-K105367; Neurophysiological indicators of emotional and cognitive maturation of the human brain in the mirror of emerging and developing dreams in children)

2011-2013                                Bial Foundation: Bursaries for Scientific Research 2010/2011 (No. 55/10) (The developmental and psychophysiological emergence of dreams and nightmares: state dependent and state-independent fronto-cortical disconnectivity.)

2010-2014                               Hungarian State Fellowship for PhD studies, Semmelweis University

2008                                        Student’s Scientific Fellowship: Self-directedness, Cooperation, Self-transcendence: the correlation between Cloninger’s Character dimensions, IQ, and patterns of sleep spindles.

Research leader: Dr. Róbert Bódizs, Semmelweis University, Institute of Behavioural Sciences


Sándor P., Szakadát, S, Kertész, K. and Bódizs R. (2016). The development of cognitive and emotional processing as reflected in children’s dreams: active self in an eventful dream signals better neuropsychological skills. Dreaming. Accepted manuscript.

Simor, P., Gombos, F., Szakadát, S., Sándor, P., Bódizs, R.. (2016) EEG spectral power in phasic and tonic REM: Different patterns in young adults and children. Journal of Sleep Research. Accepted manuscript.

Sándor P., Szakadát, S, Kertész, K. and Bódizs R. (2015). Content analysis of 4 to 8 year-old children’s dream reports, Frontiers in Psychology, 6/534.

Sándor, P., Szakadát, S. and Bódizs, R. (2014). “Ontogeny of dreaming: A review of empirical studies.” Sleep medicine reviews, 18: (5) pp. 435-449.

Sándor, P., Bódizs, R. (2014). „Gyerekek álmai: módszerek és eredmények a gyerekálmodás kutatásában Freudtól napjainkig – kritikai áttekintés” Psychiatria Hungarica 29:(3) pp. 257-272.

Ruggeri, K., Banasik, N., Bock, L., Cosma, A., Ensor, O., Romila, C. I., Sándor, P., Üzümcüoğlu, Y. (2011). An Exploratory Study of Multicultural Education Development in Eastern Europe and Turkey. Research in Social Change, 3(2).

Simor P, Köteles F, Sándor P, Petke Z, Bódizs R. (2011). Mindfulness and dream quality: The inverse relationship between mindfulness and negative dream affect. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology 52:(4) pp. 369-375.


2014- present              Developing emotional-social skills in underprivileged ethnic children in a rural kindergarten – professional voluntary activity at BAGázs Public Benefit Organization – program development, program leading and professional volunteer training.

2013- present               Assistant lecturer at Semmelweis University in Medical psychology (English and Hungarian language classes)

2009-present                Child psychologist, Family and Child Welfare Center, Vecsés


  • Hungarian                  Native
  • English                       Advanced (C1)
  • Italian                         Intermediate (B2)


  • Dreaming and electrophysiology of the brain
  • Cognitive and affective development
  • Clinical child psychology and sleep disorders