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HMAA Füred 2013 Congress

ABOUT HMAA. The Hungarian Medical Association of America is a voluntary organization of physicians andscientists of Hungarian heritage formed to preserve, promote, and foster Hungarian medical traditions andideals. We are dedicated to building friendship and cooperation among our members and providing a forumwhere in our members can meet, exchange ideas, and participate in continuing medical …


From atoms to the living animal

Mini ‐ Symposium of the Semmelweis Nanobiotechnology and In Vivo Imaging Center 30. April. 2013

Spring Wind Conference

The National Association of PhD Students (DOSz) is pleased to inform PhD students that the conference known as SPRING WIND will be organized again this year.

IRUN Workshop Immune Integrity

We are delighted to inform you that registration for participation at the “IRUN Workshop Immune Integrity


Dr. Christine Desmedt

Characterization of different foci of multifocal breast cancer using genomic, transcriptomic and epigenomc data. 20 februáry 10.15h 2013.

PhD Scientific Days 2013

School of PhD Studies. Semmelweis University Venue: NET Building, 4 Nagyvárad square Budapest, April 11-12.

CEU Summer University announcement

CEU Summer University (June 3- July 31, 2013, Budapest, Hungary) invites application from graduate students, junior or post-doctoral researchers, teachers and professionals.


Erasmus Mundus Doctorate Programme – Genova

The Erasmus Mundus Joint/Double Doctorate in Interactive and Cognitive Environments (EMJD ICE) is going to open the fourth Call for Application, that will run shortly, with expected deadline in January 13, 2013, offering 8 granted PhD positions.   The programme give the PhD candidates the opportunity to enjoy the meaningful experience of an education programme …

Total: 60 posts