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Dear Colleagues! Dear Partners! Dear Students! Semmelweis Symposium is one of the highlights of our academic year that provides various opportunities for innovators and researchers through the dissemination of the latest research results and innovations. This is also the best time for us to expand our network and strengthen our relationship with our partners from …

Doctoral Office is closed on 27-28 September

Due to technical reasons the Doctoral Office  is closed  on 27-28 September.
You can still reach it  via  e-mail :


Information about the PhD studies at Semmelweis University

PhD Studies at the Semmelweis University The aim of the Doctoral (PhD) Program is to provide research competences that enable the candidates to do research work, to form independent judgement concerning scientific questions, and to actively participate in the public life of the scientific community. The PhD degree is a prerequisite of a professional career …

Taking Research work in Neptun in 2020/2021/2

We would like to inform the PhD students that Research work can be taken in Neptun for 2020/2021/2.
From this semester evey Research work is 30 credits.
Take the Research work course in Neptun with the name of your own doctoral school. please.

Approval of the Research work in Neptun

At the end of this semester the Research work will be put in Neptun with the technical help of the Doctoral Office.   The supervisors have already received an email in which we asked them to send the approval/ result of the Research work in an attached Excell chart ( excel ) to the Office till …

Registration for 2020/2021/2 semester

We would like to inform the PhD students that the spring semester starts on 1st February 2021. Registration and taking the courses in Neptun is between 18-31. January. There is  no need to register personally in the Doctoral Office. The courses are available on the website of the Doctoral School. The feepaying students have to …


Opening hours in Doctoral Office changed from 1st September

Dear PhD Students,
Let me inform you that the opening hours of the  Doctoral Office changed from 1st September 2020.
Monday 830-1200
Tuesday: 1300-1600
Wednesday: closed
Krisztina Tölgyesi
Head of the Doctoral Office



PhD position open in modelling aging related diseases using induced neurons directly reprogrammed from patient’s fibroblasts Neurodegenerative disorders are a growing burden in our aging society. With longer life expectancy neurodegenerative disorders will become an even more serious public health issue influencing the active time of the elderly. Accumulating evidence are pointing at impairments in …

New regulation of the doctoral training

Dear PhD Students and PhD Candidates,   We inform you that a new version of the Regulations Governing PhD Training at Semmelweis University (henceforth Regulations) came into force on 1 April 2020. We hereby express our gratitude for the enormous amount of invested work into this amendment to the following head officials: the president of …

Information about Student Cards for 2019/2020/2 semester

We would like to inform the PhD students that their student cards with stamps for 2019/2020/1 semester are valid from 1st April till further notice. If a PhD student was passive in 2019/2020/1 semester or started his/her studies on 1st March 2020, please contact the Doctoral Office by mail. ( Temporary student cards are going to be …


PhD Scientific Days

The Doctoral School of Semmelweis University organizes PhD Scientific Days every year, where the students can practice their ability to present research results and discussion skills during a conference Date and venue of PhD Scientific Days 2020 16-18 March 2020 Semmelweis University Basic Medical Science Center 1094 Budapest, Tűzoltó utca 37-47. Abstract submission deadline: 12. …


Doctoral Office is closed from 23 December to 02 January

Dear PhD Students and Candidates, Let me inform you that the Doctoral Office is closed from 23 December to 02 January. Anita Marosfalvi is available on 30 December Tel: 06 20 666 3738 Tímea Kovácsné Ollé is available on 31 December Tel: 06 20 663 2676 Stamps for student cards and certificates about student status …


Student Card

Getting a permanent student card: You have to go to one of the Registration Offices (in Hungarian: Okmányiroda). For example: Budapest XIII. kerületi Okmányiroda: Budapest, Váci út 9, 1134 You have to get a picture of yourself. When you go into the office, you have to say you need a picture for your student card …


The deadline of the applications for the Rácz Károly School of PhD Studies is on 31. May 2019. A forum organised by the School is held on 23. May 2019 at 18:00. Venue: the Basic Medical Science Center (EOK building) Hevesy György Hall. Information about the terms and conditions of the admission and the details …

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