Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 27. June 2022
532799 Total vaccines
Dear PhD Students,
We would like to inform you that the rules of registration for the spring semester as follows:
1. It is compulsary to be vaccinated 3 times. ( the details of the rule are due to RKE/9/2021. (XII. 16.) sz.)
2. However, with the consent of the Head of the Doctoral Council, those students and untrained candidetes are allowed to register, who cannot prove it, but a certificate signed by their supervisor and the Head of their Doctoral School, as well is submitted to the Doctoral Office, ( which claims that the student accomplish his/her research outside Semmelweis University and it is not necessary for him/her to enter the campus of Semmelweis University during the spring semester.
If the the certificates were not  uploaded in Neptun  till 25 January 2022,  they  might be sent via email (with the consent of the student) to till 15 February 2022.
We would like to inform you that the Doctoral Office will have to revise the documents and in case of appropriate certificates the active semesters must be changed into passive.
Doctoral Office

“Section 7

Other special rules relating to education

(1) From the effective date of this regulation each student participating in any training programme shall, in accordance with the University’s vaccination programme, during their performance of their study commitments and in view of the inseparability of education and health related activities, observe, and comply with, the same rules to ensure a healthy and safe working, education and patient care environment.

(2) For the purpose of the above paragraph (1) only students credibly proving that they have received the 3rd shot of the vaccine (hereinafter: booster shot) – within 180 days of their receipt of the first dose in the case of a single-dose vaccine or the second dose in the case of a two-dose vaccine – may register for the spring semester and enter the buildings of the University.

(3) A student of the University failing to fulfil their obligation to take the booster shot referred to in the above paragraph (2) and to provide proof of the same – except for those exempted as paragraph (4) – shall not register for the spring semester, start their studies or enter the buildings of the University.

(4) The obligation referred to in paragraph (2) does not apply to a student a) for whom taking up the vaccine is contraindicated for medical reasons and this is confirmed by a medical opinion; b) in whose case the 180-day period has not passed since the receipt of the first dose of the one-dose vaccine or the second dose of the two-dose vaccine; c) in whose case no 3 months have passed since their recovery from a certified Covid infection so that they could have received the booster shot.

(5) The above mentioned medical opinion is issued, at the student’s request, by their family doctor, therapist or the University’s Occupational Health Service on the basis of their family doctor’s proposal.

(6) The credible certification of the receipt of the vaccine/booster shot shall be proven by simultaneous presentation of the official certificate suitable for use as proof of identity and any of the following documents (hereinafter collectively: valid immunity card):

  1. the EU digital Covid certificate as stipulated in Regulation (EU) 2021/953 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 June 2021 on a framework for the issuance, verification and acceptance of interoperable COVID-19 vaccination, test and recovery certificates (EU digital Covid certificate) to facilitate the freedom of movement during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic;
  2. the immunity card and/or application (without period of validity) as specified in Government Decree 60/2021. (II. 12.) on the certification of Coronavirus immunity [hereinafter: Government Decree 60/2021. (II. 12.)];
  3. the certificate of vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, issued by the doctor certifying the vaccination on the basis of the template available on the website of the National Public Health Centre;
  4. the international vaccination certificate issued by the World Health Organisation, if it contains an entry concerning the holder’s receipt of the vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, recorded by the doctor certifying the vaccination.

(7) A valid immunity certificate is accepted if issued in Hungarian, English or German.

(8) The University undertakes to provide students not obliged to receive the vaccine for medical reasons certified as specified in paragraph (4) a) with free antigen tests once every 5 days to ensure their safe participation in education.

(9) In determining the adequate protective measures against the epidemic during the emergency period to be applied in order to prevent the spreading of the epidemic, and in the performance of the relevant tasks, the University shall process university citizens’ data relating to Coronavirus immunity in observance of the guarantee rules laid down in the GDPR.

(10) The University shall provide for the performance of the antigen tests required for students referred to in paragraph (8) free of charge; the performance of the tests shall be scheduled and organised by the Faculty’s dean/the head of the institution.

(11) During the course of the organisation of the examinations the Faculty shall be in charge of providing the students with adequate information and carrying out the organisational measures to make sure that the documents required for registration for exams, with the dean being responsible for the proper organisation of the examinations.

(12) The epidemiological protective measures and the obligation to wear masks, shall be strictly observed and complied with during in-person classes (whether theoretical, practical or clinical instruction). Classes and lectures shall be organised so that the social distancing of 1.5 metres is ensured, to the extent possible.

(13) Depositing/posting adequate notices at the places of training about the epidemiological actions is a responsibility for block directors/faculty finance directors.

(14) The provisions laid down in this section shall – apart from the exemption referred to in paragraph (4) – be applied to students participating in vocational training who attend practical training sections as part of their medical activities, along with those participating in training at any organisational unit of the University providing practical training or those participating in training at the University under the Erasmus Programme or any agreement concluded with other tertiary education institutions.

(15) The receipt of the booster vaccine shall be checked by the course coordinator – or in the case of students participating in vocational education the head of the institution – upon the establishment of the student relationship, or in the case of students in existing student relationship, immediately upon the entry into force hereof.