If students have a keen interest in the organic chemical and drug chemical preparative or computational work at the Department, pass their final examination in organic chemistry with a mark not lower than 3, and have sufficient free time for additional work, they may request admission into the Union of Research Students of the Department. Further information can be obtained from the Secretary of the Union of Research Students or the Head of the Department.

List of themes for diploma / research students work for Year of 2021/2022

  1. Solid phase synthesis, purification and quality checking of biologically active peptide. (István Mándity)
  2. Synthesis and applications of (quinoline) photoremovable protecting groups (Petra Dunkel)
  3. Examinations of interactions of cell penetrating peptide with lipid membrane, by using theoretical chemical calculations (Balázs Balogh, István Mándity)
  4. Development of artificial peptides (István Mándity)